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Day 11: Slice of Life Challenge “Joy like a Child”

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Today, I got the joy of going to our good friend’s two year old’s birthday party. As soon as we walked in the door, we were greeted with screaming, running, laughing, off-the-wall children having the time of their life.

We were talking with our friends, and I noticed that they seemed to apologize for a lot: that the food wasn’t completely ready, that there wasn’t a ton of space or seats, that they didn’t serve drinks quickly enough, that there wasn’t enough for the children to do, and it goes on.

As adults, I think we can focus on so many things that a child doesn’t even think about. From my friend’s view, there was a lot to fix. From the children’s view, there was nothing but joy. They thought nothing about the amount of space, or chairs, or food. They ate anything put in front of them, and what seemed like “only” five or six toys and a couple of Spiderman face masks, turned into role play, chasing each other, and sharing of toys and experiences. Everything was magical, fun, and all they truly cared about was being with each other.

I am convinced that the simplest things matter most. Adults think that kids may need a big house to grow up in, or a nice car to have some elbow room in, or the best toys on the market… I think many of us could continue the list of what we “think” we need to be good parents or good hosts, but truly, through the eyes of the child, an environment of love, community, safety, and room to be themselves is all that truly matters.

At the end, I watched two boys play with a broken slinky. I don’t even think they noticed it was broken, but watching them toss it back and forth to each other, only to then watch one of the boys have to leave the party and the other boy expressing how sad he was, only proves this point further: connection matters, even over as something as simple as a broken slinky.

2 responses to “Day 11: Slice of Life Challenge “Joy like a Child””

  1. So much beautiful here! I love the contrast between your description of how the children were exhibiting so much joy when you arrived and how the parents felt about themselves as hosts. I love the ending, too, as you describe the two boys connecting over a broken slinky. What a perfect toy to have as a symbol of connection.

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  2. I love the contrast between how kids find joy and adults find imperfections and things to be sorry about. Awhile ago on social media, I ran across a post someone had written in 2 voices: the mom’s on how she failed throughout the day and the child’s on how much they loved their mom, and your reflection reminds me of that. As a mom, I need to keep this in mind, as it is too easy to get caught up in that image of how I think things should be, when really, all that matters is that the kids are happy!

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“Whoever is faithful in small matters will be faithful with large ones” (Luke 16:10)

‘Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies’ – Mother Teresa.

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